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Watering grass:

Longer watering times and less frequency is the best for your lawn. Don't water your lawn in full sun if you can help it unless for brand new grass. The Evapotranspiration rate when watering your lawn in full sun in Calgary is like filling your gas tank up to 100% and only getting 50% out of it. You waste almost 50% of the water that gets evaporated into the air without even going into the soil. Allow 1" of water per week on your grass. When windy and dry with temperatures over 28c you might need to use 2" of water for those weeks. Slopes and hills are very different due to run off, so you might need to water shorter time more frequently. An excellent way to save money is with our mp rotator irrigation systems. Your watering bill can be cut to almost 30% from conventional irrigation systems and hand watering.

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