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Tree care: When we install your trees make sure you water them if we have not installed an irrigation system for your yard. Over watering your trees will kill them by root rot. An example might be that you see black spots on branches and base of your conifer tree. Sometimes this is a fungus or you have water choking the roots under your tree. Allow nature to do what it does best and stop watering. Allow your tree to dry out and then water at a later date. Under watering will cause many different things to happen on your tree. Sometimes the leafs will fall off when in stress. Sometimes the leaves will fall off or wilt. Call us and we will design a plan to help resolve your tree problems.

Note: If you have a shrub or tree that grows buds in the fall for early spring flowering like Lilac or Mountain Ash sometimes your tree

or shrub will not flower. When we have nice warm weather in winter sometimes the buds on the shrubs or trees break open

and start to begin the budding stages. Then the weather gets cold again and freezes those buds. Now those buds are dead

when spring comes and new buds need to form to create a leaf and flower. Sometimes this takes all summer to grow properly again.

If you need any help with tree care diseases on trees or shrubs or even roses please contact us to find a solution for you.


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