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Plant Care:

When you are planting make sure your depth is the same as the pot it was growing in. Second make sure you have your plant in the right light and climate zone(3a) Calgary. Depending on where you are in the city some plants that are zone 4 and will work for your yard. Watering is very import to sustain vigorous growth. Every plant will need different amounts of water to grow properly.

Note: Nursery stores are in the business to sell and make a profit. I have been to many stores and some sell plants that are not for our zone area and you must read the labels. Many stores buy in bulk from Vancouver or the USA. Be aware that these plants are not acclimatized for this area and will have a big shock the first year and might not survive. This is very risky when you are buying expensive plants.

Ask us what plants will work well in your yard and where to buy great vigorous plants.


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