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GRASS: Spring time - make sure you use a low nitrogen base and high potassium ideal 123 ratio. You want to grow your root system in the spring for the summer time. A good idea would be to bag your grass in spring and don't bag your grass in summer. You want your roots to grow in the spring and not the top part of your grass. The grass clippings have a lot of good natural nitrogen in them and micronutrients inside; therefore, take the bag off your lawn mower in the summer time.

You want a super star green lawn and make your neighbour envious? Summer time around the third week in May use a slow release fertilizer with a number like (21,7,7)or (28,3,4) Nitrogen ( growth and green) & iron(green) and don't forget to keep those 4 leaf clovers they are great for your lawn. They have iron in them to help your lawn stay green. Summer use high nitrogen (3,2,1)ratio and fall (1,2,3).

If you need details about a lush lawn just email or call and ask about spray foliators, December applications and stored carbohydrates.

Natural insecticides like Nematodes can be used on your lawn ; ask us how.

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